Safe and Energy-saving

SLT-TECH LED Flood Light is used as lighting source in applications such as tunnels, factories and warehouses. It has safety and energy saving features. It’s stable, does not glare to ensure the safety of transportation and production. Following the industrial lighting design standards, its high quality and customizable design better meet the specific needs of various lighting projects.




  • 120lm/W
  • German Engineering
  • 65.000 Hours lifetime
  • 5 Years warranty
Intelligent working system

The SLT LED Flood light “Altair” corrected parameters itself and provides ideal conditions for the LED, such as working temperature and output power.
The Integrated Surge Protection take care in an unstable power grid situation, like lightning strikes, or overvoltage jumps.
The SPIT Technology adjusts also the working conditions of an LED at extreme hot and cold weather. The integrated COL technology control the constant brightness of our LED products over lifetime.
Our SPIT™ Technology ensures the stability of the performance and long life, reduces the maintenance and repair costs, and keeps working places and traffic areas safe.

Easy maintenance and installation

The SLT LED Flood Light “Altair” is modular designed to separate the heat development of the LED unit from the power supply.
Maintenance is straight forward because both units are separate.
The assembly is possible in almost all mounting directions and is realized by a holder.

PC cover

Lens system

Lens system+PC cover

The light is distributed even by a lens system and produces a precisely controlled light outlet to divert light to the optimum angle.

Warehouse Lighting

Tunnel Lighting

Factory Lighting


*Ambient temperature max. 50°C/ 122°F;

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