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1. Unique Germany design 2. Intelligent function such as “SPIT” “ Timer” 3. Failure and maintenance rate are near to 0 4. A real long and guaranteed lifetime 5. All certificates are verified by ENEC ,TUV,VDE etc.
For all led products, we give 5 years quality warranty, for high standard government project, we are able to provide 10 years repair warranty
We have production, installation and after-sale service center in Germany, European customer can enjoy faster and better services.
Yes, Welcome ! our Germany R&D team are experts in led and electric technical , they also know very well the international standard and regulation.

About LEDs:

LED light consists of LED, led module, housing and power supply. Those years, LED light technology are continuously improved, so Energy efficiency, environment friendly, long lifetime and easy maintenance help it to rapidly occupy lamp market. SLT-TECH produced led lights based on these advantages, besides we are devoted to maximizing those features of led lights and beyond your need.
Those LED chip package are popular in led light business: SMD3528 (0.06W 20MA 7-8lm) SMD5050 (0.2W 60MA 20-24lm) SMD5730 (0.5W 150MA 50-60lm) SMD3014 (0.1W 30MA 10-13lm) SMD2835(0.2W 60MA 20-30lm)
Comparing to the conventional sources, LED is characterized by Different Color, low voltage, low consumption, long lifetime, instant light on, and so on. Those advantages make more and more people use it to replace the conventional sources.

Life and Light output:

Light decay is a decline of light intensity in a particular period of time or a particular distance.The main reason is heat dissipation. Good heat dissipation can be improved from design, component& parts and aluminum housing. LED light products from SLT TECH develop a new technology to keep the constant brightness regulation over life-time.
Light efficiency is a ratio of lumen and wattage, Higher light efficiency means the higher lumen and the lower power. The min light efficiency of E27 lamp is 130lm/W in SLT-TECH company.
75,000 hours would imply 8.5 years if the light is operated for 24 hours in a day, 11.4 years if the lights are on 18 hours per day and 17.1 years for 12 hours a day.
SLT-TECH Led street light and led flood light has the minimum lifetime of 65,000 hrs at L70, AC E27 bulbs has lifetime of 75,000 hrs at L70 and DC bulbs goes to 100,000 hrs at L70. As the driver is designed by our own Germany Engineer, and the electric components only purchased from the world top brand manufacturers or direct trusted distributors.

Energy saving, Drivers and control system:

DC E27 has more than 100,000 hours lifetime and AC E27 has more than 75,000 hours lifetime. And the ballast has a lot of intelligent function like dimming, light sensor, timer, it is ideal replacement for old ballast street light While AC E27 has no additional functions.
In different project, customer want different functions, so our German engineer design it more intelligent and flexible like Timer dimming, light sensor, constant luminous brightness etc. We can also add some function according to customers need, unlike standard driver in the market, customers have limited options.
Lighting brightness can be adjusted to save power energy upon request with different ways: TRIAC Dimming, PWM Dimming, resistive Dimming, 0-10 Volt Dimming, DALI Dimming, Occupancy sensor. SLT TECH can integrated more dimmable function in the power supply upon your different dimming requests.
There are many different types of lighting, accessories, and lamp types available. Please contact us and we will forward a customized solution to you.


The performance of all of our products is fully tested and proved in our lab by us, and verified by accredited independent 3rd party and get CE, CB, ENEC, TUV. We also upgrade it under the needs of customers periodically.


LEDs are mainly made of electronic components like PCBs, diodes and so on. They must be collected separately from household wastes and treated the same as standard electronic equipment.
We confirm to WEEE regulations and fulfill in Germany by our service partner.

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