SLT means, strict quality control, from the product concept to the final product. We think beyond the horizon and can see how the future technology can give you now the most innovated products you can find in the market.

SMART vs. INTELLIGENT. What is the different?

Self-controlled safety functions with leading edge technology combined with many user settings in our own power supply technology makes the future of lighting possible and ensure a long lifetime of our products, “SAFE IS BETTER”.

Based on long time experience in electronics,in this case, we know which component manufactures we can trust and select well-known international component manufactures, like NXP, ST-microelectronics, Diodes, On-Semiconductor, Samsung, Nippon Chemi, Rubycon, Vishay and others.

All important components are directly imported by us or by authorized international distributors,also will be stored in our own warehouse and double quality proofed, controlled by our ERP system, before we send it out to our OEM manufactory production lines.

New products concepts are beginning with sourcing by us, regarding to the requirements of our engineering and design team. Following design and engineering by market needs,therefore we have the better products compare to this in the international market.

In our own electronic engineering department begins the life of every new products with deep know-how and engineering sample testing. Our modern and full equipped engineering laboratory is able to test most of the needed functions according to international standards, such as safety, radio emission, conducted emission, humanity test, climate test, temperature test, power supply and lighting efficiency test, at last, lifetime switching test.

All this, to ensure that the product you purchase from us is qualified by quality and know-how.

Without any doubt, a product must also be produced, and this is SLT and their OEM manufactures doing by ISO9001 qualified system. Nothing is running without our and the manufacturing QC team, as the “Quality First” understanding and acting, to ensure that you have put your investment in safe hands. Value comes from details.

Our OEM manufactures are well equipped with the newest production technology, from the electronic components assembly to the final automatic testing. All employee in the production are trained to give their best for a stable quality.

All products undergo a final inspection under our eyes, before they are packed and delivered to you.

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