Engineering with the vision of future needs, from the beginning to the final product.


SLT-TECH developed SPITTM power supply technology for stable, long lifetime, uninterrupted and safe operation for their own LED products.

Basic of this technology is the long time experiences in electronics of the German core development team and the strong willing to do the best in electronic products.

Know how from many fields in electronics, like sensor-, analog-, digital-, microprocessor-, power electronic technology and chip design, as also software programming, building the foundation of our technology.

Daily learning never stops and willing to understand the needs of the future, by seeing the needs of today take us always a step ahead, to make things better as doing it only for today.


NO, the word and meaning of SMART is too much misused by many products in lighting business, if someone have to use an APP on his SMART-PHONE to do changes in his lighting application, like dimming or changing the lighting color. This is not really SMART, because someone have to act.

We do INTELLIGENT, and nobody have to use an APP on his SMART-PHONE, because we put all our experiences of LED’s and power supplies in our SPITTM power supply technology, which self-control most of our LED products.

It’s our take-care and safe-care know-how.

Our SPITTM detect malfunctions, heating problem, overpowering and many more things, to take-care of your purchased product from us.

Safe-care we do by design and development by the selection, testing and qualifying all components from our suppliers. Never trust anyone by only a promise, we proof it well.

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