SLT Talk-Interview with SLT-TECH CEO.

Still control your LED light by phone?
You are too far behind! Yes, your lamp is smart,
but SLT-TECH lighting can THINK like human.

Please Note:This analog video is mainly for the better to let you know SLT-TECH.

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Here’s the transcription :

Moderator: Hello and welcome to SLT Video presentation
  Today we would like to talk with our guest, Mr. Poloczek, CEO of SLT TECH
Mr. Poloczek: Hello, and welcome
(M) Question: Mr. Poloczek, can you tell us on what kind of technology your company is working and since when?
Mr. Poloczek: Well, since 2009, I invented an idea of new power supply technology for LED products in Germany. Starting with the question, what will makes the difference in the LED market. After I reviewed many manufactures of LED products and power supplies, I found they are all doing things by the same way and with the same mistakes, by not understanding how LED works!, and how to do it right. And this I wanted to change, we are in the 21st. century, – Develop products with a long life-time under all aspects of technology and waste management – New products should have the newest technology, to be able and prepared for future functions on customers demands – If we do such new products, they should be intelligent, and should do processes by themself – Most important of such new products is, that they have to fit into the new way of green thinking, …energy saving and environmental protection
(M) Question: But how you have done it?
Mr. Poloczek: I be more then 30 years in electronic business with a deep understanding of software, electronic components, electronic product design and manufacturing processes, and have had always visions how the future could be, and how products can work if I (we) combine all of this Know-How.
(M) Question: And what is the difference to any other manufactures?
Mr. Poloczek: As I said, Know-How, understanding of needs, including habbits of people is always our motivation. First we called our products SMART, but found, that many others missuse this word, because they use a software application on a mobile phone to play with their LED lamps. This is total different to our products, because nobody need play on a mobile phone to control our LED products. And, now we call it “INTELIGENT”.
(M) Question: Sorry, what you mean with “Intelligent”
Mr. Poloczek: It means, that we have learned a lot of things the past years, and how power supplies and LED’s should work together. 1st. LED’s never like ist hot, so we have to manage this problem and control it, by itself. 2nd. Power supplies work under different temperatures not always stable, and we also have to proof and control it So, with this basic know-how, we manage both of them, the power supply and the LED’s and nobody have to do anything, all it runing by itself. But this is not all, much more things will be done, means control and regulation functions take over the work, that the complete product will work always in a safe stage. Further more we have integrated useful functions with this the customer can customize his LED product, like, dimming timer, light sensor function, system power setting, and more.
(M) Question: Good, now I understand a little bit more, but not all
Mr. Poloczek: OK, this was only for simple understanding, more technical informations will make it complicated. For more informations you can contact us.
(M) Question: Is there any other thing to be different?
Mr. Poloczek: Yes, I think so. All our products are designed and manufactured by us. We control the quality, from the purchase of components and parts up to the final product, by full testing. Our electronic laboratory is fully equipt from simple Multimeters to an EMI-Shield room, where we can pre-proof engineering samples of electromagnetic interferences.
(M) Question: OK, I thank you for coming to the interview
Mr. Poloczek: Thank you for the invitation
(M) Question: Dear audience, thank you for watching us, and see you next time with more about SLT-TECH

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