With the development of science and technology, the concept of smart has been deeply rooted. Everyone is dreaming of leading an easy life with everything provided.

Do not think this is a joke: with the popularity of smart devices, these needs in the future is really possible to achieve. With the smart wind blowing, new smart products are endless, from the first appeared smart watch, to smart sweeping robots, UAV. Smart products swept around the world also attracted a lot of people to join the Intelligent Army. But, at this stage, not all products are suitable for smart, some products with smart features even more tasteless, useless.

Smart led light

Smart sanitary ware

Not long ago a news reported Chinese tourists had a crazy shopping in Japan buying smart toilet cover. This reflects that people are eager to improve the quality of life by using smart products. Although the smart toilet is full-featured, not every function is recognized. Practicality is the most important point when people choosing. It’s not convenient to install or disassemble, because of high using frequency of rest room, if it “strike”, how can people stand? Consumers generally care about the toilet is the actual “function” rather than “smart”.


Smart lighting

Smart home industry is in a good situation, the smart lighting industry is not far behind. Most of the current smart lighting equipment is based on APP to control the on and off of the lamp, adjust the brightness, or mix with blue-tooth to play music. But these settings are easily replaceable. At the beginning, this “high-tech” attract a large number of young consumers, but after the use, “smart means replace simplicity by complexity ” is controversial.

Take “color changing smart LED bulb” as sample: consumers need to unlocked their smart phone, find and enter the APP, choose and click the mode. The usage mode is not simple enough. Compared to the standard LED light, this kind of smart lamp is easier to damage, while has little impact on daily life.


Intelligent weight scale:
Weight scales for people who lose weight, is a indispensable object. Your every struggle experience will be recorded. What about smart features? The data can be seen on the mobile phone APP, such as weight curve, body mass index, health indicators, etc. But these indicators is some tasteless for most people, after all, these data is no big use for ordinary people. This is an ordinary weight scale beyond the data.

Intelligent led light

We can see from the market, most of smart products need to be used under APP with smart-phone, or we need to click buttons to select what we want. This is not really SMART, because someone have to act.

Also this is not the smart we want: we want products are intelligent, they can learn from our custom setting and daily activities and act automatically. They can “THINK” and “KNOW” our needs the moment. No need fancy functions but only useful, easy to use, install and maintain, long lifetime. What if SLT-TECH can do this?

Technology is developing quickly, automatic intelligence is coming and apply in many projects, like smart city, use intelligent LED street light to make our living more safer, convenience. SLT-TECH had this INTELLIGENT idea since 2009, for more information please feel free to ask.