Bulb replacement.


The SLT-Tech E27 LED Retrofit Series “ASTRON” is a universal usable lighting source for Industrial, Commercial and Government applications.Designed for rough work environments in many commercial sectors, characterized by its low weight and small dimensions. The best choice of direct HQI and NAV replacement or other old bulb technology or lighting sources.


  • German quality control.
  • Extremely long service life.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Active Heat Protection and LED Protection System.
  • High luminous efficiency, high energy-saving, friendly environment.
  • Heat Sink with scientific 360° air circulation.


  • Street lighting.
  • Pedestrian Walkways.
  • Commercial working areas.
  • Public parks.
  • Parking places.
  • and much more…

Low temperature system:

SLT-TECH 360° air circulation

Every detail counts:

E27 Led Retrofit detailed description

Cabinet: Ideal for mushroom lamp, replacement bulbs used in Parking lot, Public park. Path way, roadway, etc.

Stable and Durable.

  • Min. 75.000 hours.

  • Low maintenance cost.
Input voltage range (AC): 95V~ to 265V~ | 50 – 60 Hz ± 5% ǁ 110VDC***
Power factor (PF): >0.9
Energy saving class: A+
Efficiency (Input vs. Output power): >87%
Socket type: E26/E27, E40 with adapter
Operating temperature range (℃/ ℉): -40℃ to + 50℃ | -40℉ to + 122℉
Protection classes/ Electrical safety: SK II (3.800V)
Waterproof/ IP-Protection: IP 54 / DIN EN 60529
Certification: CE | TUV 17045474 001
Patent/ China: ZL 2013 3 0491417.9
Material (Housing/LED cover), Colour: Aluminium / PC (Polycarbonate), White/Grey
LED cover: Clear of Frosted (C/F)
Colour rendering (RA) @2700K: >80
Lifetime hours (L70)/ Product warranty: Min. 75.000h*/ 5 years
Light distribution angle: Symmetric, 120°(vertical)/ 360°(horizontal)
Colour temperature (K): 2700K~5500K
Input power (AC) 12W 15W 20W 25W 30W
Luminous intensity (lm) @4500K ±100lm: 1600 2000 2800 3200 3900
Luminous per watt (lm/W): 130 130 140 130 130
Net weight (kg): 0.230 0.270 0.410 0.410 0.490
Size incl. E27 socket (Ømm * H mm): 59*161.5 59*187.5 79*215.5 79*215.5 79*253.5

*At maximum 50°C (122°F) **By upright assembly in a housing; ***In emergency power systems; ****As reference, NAV bulb 80lm/W, HQI-E bulb 70lm/W, HQL bulb 47.5lm/w.

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